Stencils USA

Laser cut stencils/templates 

The Pronty Group  is one of the largest producers of laser cut stencils in Europe. We are in the possession of an extensive laser cutting machinery park.

With over 10 years of experience in laser cutting we can also offer you our detailed knowledge as well as the possibility to have your products packed in your private label packaging.

Private label line? 

Are you looking to start your own private label line and are you in need of a production company? Don't look any further!

Own specific designs? 

If you have a specific new design that you would like to have made, send it to us and we will make you samples.

Help needed with the designs? 

If you have just a general idea, explain it to us and let us help you develop your product. You can also use our catalog as a source of inspiration.

Looking for a new partner? 

If you have an existing article but you are looking to replace your current production company, let us send you a quotation.

Stencil specifications 

Are basic stencils are made of white polyester named Whitaxx. We do have two thickneses: 190 mu and 250 mu. 
Our stencils are food proof

Next to this material we do have a more stencil materials available, like self adhesive stencils etc. 
Please contact us for more information. 

Impression of our stencil designs

Click here to download a PDF with some of our Stencil designs 

Video impression of the laser cutting process

CHA Show 2016

If you would like to know more, come and find us at the CHA Mega Show in Anaheim, Booth 1115


CreativeWorld 2015 Frankfurt Germany

No opportunity then? We will also be present at the CreativeWorld (January 30 - February 2, 2016) in Frankfurt, Germany.


Contact details 

Curious to our other possiblities? 
Please contact Mr Jaap van de Wouw via our Contact form or 

directly via: 
E-mail: Jaap@pronty.nl
Phone: 0113 416 33 26 72 (USA) or via +31 (0) 416 33 26 72
Skype name: Pronty