mdf wood collection


Pronty produces the MDF articles with advanced CNC and laser machines. You can provide us with your own designs and we will see if we can produce them as your own MDF home decorating product. The thickness of the MDF board we use is 3, 4, 6, 9 and 12 mm. 

Medite is ecologically sound. It is made of wood, a durable building material. It has low energy consumption and very efficient thermal insulation qualities. Medite has negative CO² emissions, which is unique for wooden products.   


FSC certified

All raw materials of Medite are FSC certified. Medite is made of safely produced wood, coming from forests, which are durably managed. This means that the forest is managed and used in such a way that social-cultural, ecological and economic values are conserved for this and future generations. So it contains more than only replanting one or more trees for every tree that is cut down.

MDF ( Medium Density Fibreboard ) has grown into an important, ecologically sound alternative for hard- and soft wood. It is homogeneous material consisting of coniferous filament of trees from production forests, bound by artificial resin. In comparison with regular wood, MDF has a number of advantages: MDF home decorating objects have a nice, tight and even surface. So it is ideal to use for all your hobby applications.