1954 - 2020: 

66 years old family company and still moving on.


From Firma Joep Hoffmans to Joep Hoffmans BV to Pronty BV to Yart Factory

1954 - Since the foundation in 1954, Joep Hoffmans BV has striven to follow market developments closely and to translate the wishes and requirements of customers into a package of service and products which addresses them fully. We have done so through investments in new production facilities and by ensuring that our level of service is always the very highest.

Founded in 1954 by the father of the current management team as Firma Joep Hoffmans, the activities were initially concentrated on the shoe- and leather industries.

1975 - Firma Joep Hoffmans becomes Joep Hoffmans BV.

1978 - More and more haberdashery activities. Introduction of a unique material for the production of knee- and elbow patches: Souplesse.

1982 - Current managing-director Joep Hoffmans enters in employment of Joep Hoffmans BV, which means the starting point of new developments in the field of haberdashery and hobby.

1984 - Mark Hoffmans enters in employment of Joep Hoffmans BV, which means the starting point of many export activities. Also, a new warehouse is built.

1989 - The current management is taking over all shares and becomes owner of Joep Hoffmans BV.

1994 - 40th Anniversary.

1996 - Joep Hoffmans BV moves the factory and offices to Industrieweg 58, Waalwijk.

1998 - Joep Hoffmans BV starts with the production of MDF Craft Articles.

2000 - Joep Hoffmans BV becomes Pronty BV. Through further expansion in the area of product development, marketing and information technology, Pronty has taken another major step forward. Only the company name changes. Pronty's familiar customer-oriented approach itself does not change. In cooperation with our customers, we expand our range of services and products to mutual benefits.

2002 - New CNC routers.

2003 - A new warehouse and production space is being constructed. 2003 means the start of Laser cutting and Laser marking: Paintie, Paper Up, Victoria, Laser Art.

2004 - 50 years Pronty !!

2005 - Pronty expands its Laser cutting activities.

2006 - Due to our new Laser cutting and Laser marking machine we can now work with different materials like plywood, acrylic, cardboard, polyester, MDF, foam and many others.

2007 - Pronty expands its router activities, installing from 2 new routers.

2009 - Arrival of the world's newest laser machine which can lasercut large sizes of paper. Start of Point to Paper.

2010 - Pronty will move its offices and laser department to their new premises, next to the existing buildings.

2012- Several new laser cutting machines.

2014 - 60 years Pronty!

2014 - Mark Hoffmans leaves Pronty end of the year. The current Management Team will continu Pronty with Joep Hoffmans as CEO.

2015- November, receipt of our largest investment in machinery in our existence, a new fully automatic laser cutting machine with an amazing capacity and quality.

2016- First steps in the US.
2018- Renamed in Yart Factory B.V.