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The Pronty Group produces from a wide range of basic materials, products and many types of processing.

We cut, coat, die cut, mill, laser, embroider and pack products.

Production takes place with a.o. laser cutting machines.

Our materials are for example textile (including many labels and accessories), paper, MDF, cardboard, leather and imitation leather, plywood and many synthetic materials.

The Pronty Group is your serious and creative production company. We enjoy to be challenged to create your 2- or 3- dimensional product with our machines, materials and possibilities. We offer you short processing times. 
Pronty thinks ahead and thinks along with you. In big as well as in small amounts.


Our main markets are: haberdashery, clothing accessories, craft and hobby  and much more. 
Articles are exclusively delivered to wholesalers, mail-order firms and chain stores in more than 25 countries

Pronty lets go create logo

Do you have other ideas for designs?

Other designs, other materials?

We can produce every design you want; send us your art work and we will send you a quotation.

No artwork but only ideas?

No problem, you can use our DeskTop Publishing department for designing.

Ask for the conditions.

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